Polystrand™ Continuous Fiber Tapes & Laminates

Strength & Versatility

High strength, unidirectional fibers and engineered thermoplastic resins combine to create Polystrand™ continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) tapes and laminates that can help reduce weight while maintaining exceptional strength and impact resistance in a variety of applications.
Available in rolls of unidirectional tape, as well as X-Ply™ 0˚/90˚ and other multi-ply laminates, Polystrand materials can be post-formed and co-molded with mixed materials in thermoforming and injection molding processes to achieve part designs and cycle times that meet the most demanding performance targets. And because they are thermoplastic, these CFRTP materials are more easily recycled compared to thermoset materials.

The property table below represents a sample of tape material properties. Please see the resource tab for additional product information.

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  • Up to 120" slit-to-width laminate material (125" raw edge material)
  • Thickness from 0.010" tape to 0.375" multi-ply laminates
  • 58% to 80% fiber by weight
  • PP, PE, PETG, PA6, and PA66 resin systems
  • Available with customized cosmetic films and scrims
  • Available in sheet form or rolls up to 10,000 pounds


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Heat. Form. Cool. Learn how to compression mold with Polystrand CFRTP

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Product Selection Guide

福彩3d三天计划两胆码Polystrand™ material properties, capabilities, and lamination configurations

Polystrand Unidirectional Tape
PETG 584258%29.9 GPa772 MPa0.012 inPETG
PETG 584458%27.9 GPa779 MPa0.013 inPETG
IE 603060%25.4 Gpa572 MPa0.013 inPP Copolymer
IE 633764%25.9 GPa621 MPa0.015 inPP Copolymer
IE 653664%27.1 GPa738 MPa0.010 inPP Copolymer
IE 653765%28.3 GPa585 MPa0.015 inPP Copolymer
IE 703470%31.8 Gpa703 MPa0.010 inPP Copolymer
IE 7034B70%31.5 GPa674 MPa0.010 inPP Copolymer - Black
IE 586058%27.4 GPa745 MPa0.009 inPA6
IE 662066%29.6 GPa827 MPa0.014 inPE
IE 682068%32.0 Gpa758 MPa0.020 inPE
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