Ballistic Resistant Composite Panels

GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant Panels

Military Grade Protection

福彩3d三天计划两胆码GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant Panels are constructed to provide any facility with military grade protection. Originally developed for use by the Department of Defense for protection from mortar fire, our fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite panels offer superior ballistic resistance at less than 25 percent the weight of a comparable steel panel.

福彩3d三天计划两胆码Constructed from multiple layers of woven fiberglass and encapsulated with a proprietary resin system, these rigid panels feature exceptional ballistic resistance. The unique composite matrix of the panels allow for retention of the projectile to avoid potentially hazardous ricochet. Panels can be field-fabricated utilizing simple installation methods and common carpentry tools. Surface finish is smooth in a white color with custom colors available in production quantities. Panels can be primed and painted or covered by gypsum board or other materials to match specific requirements.

For more information on UL 752 and NIJ specifications, installation instructions and available sizes, download福彩3d三天计划两胆码 the GlasArmor Product Selection & Installation Guide.

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  • Constructed from layers of 0-90° woven E-glass fiber
  • Sizes from 36” x 84” to 48” x 120” with other panel lengths available.
  • Fire rated for 1-hour per ASTM E-119-09c
  • Flame Spread Rating of 45, Smoke Developed Rating of 165 per ASTM E-84-08a
  • NFPA & IBC Class B Fire rating (Class A panels are also available in production quantities)
  • Corrosion resistant, electrically non-conductive, low thermal conductivity
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easily incorporated into standard building design for undetectable ballistic protection


GlasArmor™ Selection & Installation Guide

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Technical Data Sheets

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Product Attributes
ModelNominal ThicknessWeightAmmunition TypeBallistic Rating
GA256-A5L11/4"2.7 lbs/ft²9 mmUL 752 Level 1 NIJ Level I
GA384-A5L23/8”4.0 lbs/ft².357 MagUL 752 Level 2 NIJ Level II
GA500-A5L31/2"5.4 lbs/ft².44 MagUL 752 Level 3 NIJ Level IIIA
Name Category Description  
Advanced Composites Overview - Brochure
福彩3d三天计划两胆码’s reinforced composite technologies use carbon, glass and aramid fibers with custom formulated thermoset or thermoplastic resins in continuous forming processes
GlasArmor Ballistic Panels - Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
GlasArmor composite ballistic panels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in commercial, governmental, industrial and residential applications
GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant FRP Composite Panels - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Product description, value solution, key characteristics, target market, applications and technical properties
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