Thermoplastic Composite Panels for Marine Applications

Hammerhead™ Marine Composite Panels

Streamlines Marine Manufacturing

福彩3d三天计划两胆码Hammerhead™ Marine Composite Panels, made from thermoplastic continuous glass fiber-reinforced face sheets and polyester foam core, are engineered to provide simplified installation, long-lasting components, and overall cost reduction for boat manufacturers.

These versatile panels can be used in a variety of boat building applications including: interior bulkheads, decking, ceilings, hatches, covers, cabinetry and fittings. The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio provides lightweight yet strong structural performance for increased payloads. And they are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light, chemicals, moisture degradation, and rot to withstand harsh marine conditions.

The property table below represents a sample of panel configurations. For complete product information, please download the Hammerhead Application and Installation Guide.

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  • Ready-to-install: fewer parts and reduced scrap
  • Thermoplastic construction offers strong adhesive properties for easy bonding to various materials
  • Toughness and impact resistance for durability
  • Vibration damping and acoustic insulation to reduce engine noise
  • Dimensional stability for consistent performance in extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • Available in 4’x8’ sheets in thicknesses of .50”, .75”, 1.00” and 1.50”, and core densities of 5.3 and 8.4 lb/in3.


Application & Installation Guide

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Hammerhead™ Typical Properties
PropertyTest Method.50" Thick.75" Thick1.00' Thick1.50' Thick
Core Density (lb/in3)ISO 8455.
Flexural Rigidity (lb/in2)ASTM D724938,37980,699223,428355,095
Core Shear Yield (psi)ASTM C39360615752
Max Load (lbs)ASTM C393246362423558
Core Shear ULT (psi)ASTM C39381817062
Face Bend Stress (psi)ASTM C3936,4306,3555,5114,899
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