Fiber Additives

MagIQ™ Fiber Additives

Fiber Additives for Polyester

Our range of MagIQ™ additives, whether the specific needs are for polyester, polypropylene or polyamide, can be delivered as a solid masterbatch or liquid concentrate.

福彩3d三天计划两胆码COLORMATRIX™ MATTENEX™ FIBER DELUSTRANT - Control luster in nylon and polyester fiber projects.This liquid dispersion reduces the reflective appearance of bright nylon and polyester fiber products for applications requiring a matte finish. Add ColorMatrix™ Mattenex™ at the feedthroat of the extruder, and easily adjust addition rate to deliver the perfect level of luster.

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  • Excellent dispersion characteristics
  • Ease of handling
  • Product flexibility
  • Improved product quality
  • Low abrasion

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Fiber Solutions Overview
BU Overview
Explore 福彩3d三天计划两胆码's range of fiber solution offerings, including: MagIQ™ Fiber Colorant and Additive technology. 
MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card - Nylon
Color Card
MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card: Nylon
MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card - Polyester
Color Card
MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card: Polyester
MagIQ™ Fiber Solutions Shade Card - Polypropylene
Color Card
MagIQ™ fiber solutions shade card: Polypropylene

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