Stan-Tone™ ET Polyether Dispersions

Polyether Dispersions

Find a dispersion for your polyether or polyester-based application

Stan-Tone™ ET Colors are dispersed in a polyether polyol for thermoset polyurethane polyether-based products, including flexible foam, cast-able rolls and wheels, adhesives and laminates. These colors are highly compatible with polyether systems, reacting to become part of the final cured polymer to help streamline your production and enhance quality.


  • Different carrier systems and pigment blends are available
  • Product available in varying viscosity from liquid to paste
  • Ease of use
Name Category Description  
GSDI Advanced Dispersions Product Overview
Product Selection Guide
Learn how 福彩3d三天计划两胆码's pre-dispersed colorants and additives give you the consistency and quality your products deserve
Silicone Dispersion Technologies
Colorant and additive dispersions that provide enhanced performance and color consistency. 
Stan-Tone™ PEP and ET - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Learn about 福彩3d三天计划两胆码's urethane paste colorants (PEP & ET).