Thermoplastic Elastomers for Healthcare

Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers

Game-Changing Flexibility

Versaflex™ HC TPEs are specially formulated to meet demanding healthcare device and application challenges. Unlike PVC, these materials are made without phthalate plasticizers, offer high clarity in some cases, bond to a variety of substrates, and can be customized for color and hardness. Common healthcare applications include medical and biopharma tubing, gaskets and stoppers, bags, bottles and films.

When used for overmolding, Versaflex™ HC delivers excellent chemical resistance to common disinfectants and cleaners to extend the useful life of your medical devices while adding color, soft touch and improved grip.

Designed to help you overcome challenges, these materials meet demanding performance requirements such as low coefficient of friction, high resealability, low extractables, high service temperatures, and suitability for various sterilization methods.

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  • ISO 10993 & USP Class VI compliant solutions
  • Resistance to common disinfectants and other chemicals
  • High clarity and flexibility
  • Suitable for injection molding and overmolding
  • Customizable for color and haptics (touch and feel)
  • Excellent bonding to a variety of substrates

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Name Category Description  
Catheters & Specialty Medical Tubing Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Explore the flexible material solutions for catheters and specialty medical tubing
Disinfectant Resistant Materials for Healthcare: Trilliant™ HC and Versaflex™ HC TPEs
Product Bulletin
Properties of Trilliant™ HC and Versaflex™ TPE for disinfectant resistant applications
GLS™ TPEs - Injection Molding Guide
Design Guide
Guide to part design, mold design, hot runner systems, overmolding, machine selection, material handling and preparation, processing conditions and troubleshooting for GLS™ solutions
GLS™ TPEs - Overmolding Guide
Design Guide
Guide to overmolding material selection, part and mold design, material handling and preparation, TPE injection molding, processing, maximizing adhesion and troubleshooting for GLS™ TPEs
GLS™ Versaflex™ Flexible Bonding for Healthcare - Technical Bulletin
Technical Bulletin
Henkel LOCTITE® and GLS™ Versaflex™ product information, USP VI & ISO 10993-4,5 compliant solutions and testing details
Thermoplastic Elastomers for Healthcare - Industry Bulletin
Industry Bulletin/Overview
Delivering specialized thermoplastic elastomer solutions for demanding healthcare applications.
Versaflex™ HC TPE For Medical Devices - Application Bulletin (Chinese)
Application Bulletin
Average peel strength and benefits of Versaflex™ HC TPEs for overmolded medical devices (Chinese language version)
Versaflex™ HC TPE For Medical Devices - Application Bulletin (English)
Application Bulletin
Average peel strength and benefits of Versaflex™ HC TPEs for overmolded medical devices (English language version)

TPEs for Healthcare

Explore specialized TPEs for demanding healthcare applications in this industry bulletin

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